Workshops & Programs

Bite Sized Solutions has the expertise, content and resources to provide flexibility around your coaching, workshop or webinar experience. This means we can accommodate the specific needs of a dynamic workforce as well as providing content that is targeted and relevant.

The BSS group provide flexibility in the following ways:

Bite Sized Solutions

First Contact

  • Introductory conversation
  • Fact Find questionnaire:
    • Strategic Snap-Shot – Australian Business Excellence Forum
    • Operational Needs Analysis – looking out 12 months
  • Analysis and Proposal Preparation

Strategic Intent

  • Review of Strategic questionnaire & aspirations
  • Identification of Strategic Competencies (up to five years out)
  • Confirmation of Talent Pool and future Training Needs Analysis
  • Emergent and longer term requirements

Operational Challenges

  • Proposed Organisational Design of the future
  • Identification of likely New Roles in the future to meet planned needs
  • Analysis of current competencies
  • Verifications of future competencies (maximum 12 months out)

Solution Finalisation & Implementation

  • Planning Project timeline and business critical dates
  • Identifying Work Groups and Individuals to be involved
  • Planning out Education and Development requirements
  • Planning out Coaching & Workshop Intervention requirements
  • Project Management report back and ROI metrics